I came across a fractal picture some time in late 2009 and, in early 2010, I started making fractal artworks myself. Fractal art is a form of art that is based on complex mathematical formulas. You can read the Fractal Art Manifesto (by Kerry Mitchell) here. You may also visit my online galleries and browse through my own artworks:

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Ultra Fractal 2015 to present gallery
Ultra Fractal 2014 gallery
Ultra Fractal 2013 gallery
Ultra Fractal 2012 gallery
Ultra Fractal 2011 gallery
Ultra Fractal 2010 gallery

Apophysis gallery

Various printing formats and different kinds of goods that feature my fractals are available over deviantART: photographic prints, canvas prints, mousepads, puzzles and more; I also sell other products - such as T-shirts, iPhone cases, iPad cases, and stickers - made with the same fractal creations at my online shop on RedBubble and my online shop on Cafepress.
If you are interested in buying products that are not available on said websites, please contact me privately. My contact information is in the Home section of this website.